Acoustic Apple at Bellmore Bean - 9/25/15

Steve and Gary did our second gig at the Bellmore Bean on 9/25/15.  This time we actually prepared a set list, organized so that Steve did not have to switch back and forth between Guitar and Banjo on every other song.  We played for 3 hours to a very supportive crowd.  Again, the Barrel Inn jammers came out to support us.  Irv (a regular at the Bellmore Bean) got a chance to see us perform complete sets and Eli Maniscalco fortuitously happened to come in for coffee just as we were beginning our first set.  He said hello and promptly plopped himself down at a nearby table to enjoy the first two sets.  Thanks for staying, Eli.  We must have done well, because management invited us back for a third gig on 10/30/15.

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