Acoustic Apple streams live from Bellmore Bean 11/27/15 !

Steve and Gary tried something new at our November 27th gig at the Bellmore Bean.  We set up a camera and streamed our entire gig live over the Internet via Concert Window.  When we had the video and audio working, we contacted some of our friends and relatives and asked them to watch the performance to give us some feedback about the quality of the video and audio.  Everyone said the quality was pretty good.  Next time we have a gig at the Bellmore Bean (Friday, January 15, 2016) we will let everyone know ahead of time how to view the show.

Meanwhile, the 11/27 show was well-attended (in-person, by actual live people).  Acoustic Apple also performed at the Starlight Concert Series Open Mic, preceding a show by Tracy Grammer.  It was our first performance at this Northport venue, and were interviewed by FIOS video-journalist Greg Blank.  Greg told us our interview will be posted on FIOS sometime in December.

Steve and Gary have a special concert coming up on January 2, 2016.  We were invited to perform at Bob Westcott's annual "invitation-only" winter concert presented by the Folk Music Society of Huntington at the Congregational Church of Huntington on Washington Drive in Centerport.  We will be performing along with Josh Joffen and Counterclockwise Ensemble.


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