Sad News

I have some very sad news to share with you. On Thursday, July 23 my friend and musical partner in Acoustic Apple, Stephen Angliss, suffered a heart attack while driving home from work.  His car crashed into two parked cars across the street from his home.  By the time the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department was able to extricate Steve and bring him to North Shore University Hospital, severe brain damage had occurred.  Steve was on a ventilator in the ICU.  Because of covid-19 restrictions only one family member was allowed to visit Steve each day.  His family decided that when every member of the family had a chance to say goodbye, the ventilator would be turned off and Steve would be allowed to peacefully pass. Steve died on July 31.

I met Steve Angliss in 2013 at a bluegrass jam in a local bar (The Barrel Inn) in East Meadow.  Steve played both banjo and guitar and I played guitar.  We were both singers and took our turns leading songs with the other jammers. We became friends, and in 2014 Steve told me he had a gig at a restaurant in Sea Cliff, but he really did not want to do the gig alone, so he asked me to join him.  We compiled a list of songs we both knew and played the gig with virtually no rehearsal.  The gig went pretty well and we actually made some money, so we decided to form a duo, give ourselves a name (Acoustic Apple) and try to perform again in front of audiences.  From that first gig until the pandemic hit, Steve and I played numerous gigs at restaurants, coffee shops, a library, a few outdoor festivals and even at the Seacliff Beach where his niece Jennifer had a concession business.  Steve was a much better musician than me and I learned a lot from him about arranging harmonies and performing as a duo. 

He was also a very likeable person.  He always had interesting stories to tell about his life, his family, his job, about music, and about current events.  We rarely rehearsed together, and when we did, we spent a lot more time just talking about the things friends talk about, rather than practicing our songs. 

Steve was not only my musical partner; he was a very good friend and I will miss him.

Gary Schoenberger

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